Saturday, 30 July 2011

To Photoshop, or not to Photoshop?

I'm sure if you have any interest in makeup, or even just listen to the radio then you would have heard the news about the recently banned make up ads for Maybelline and Lancome.

Okay so the images are photoshopped. So what? Pretty much all of the advertising images we see around us are photoshopped in some way. I don't see how these two ads are any different from any other make up ad out there. We all know Julia Roberts does not have skin that flawless, and we know that foundation is never going to give us skin like Christy.

The thing is though, people love these images. I do. I know that the girls in the pictures don't look like that, and I know I certainly never will, but I can dream can't I! If they are going to ban these ads, where does the line stop? Who draws the line that says an extra minute in photoshop, has pushed it over the edge of acceptable? If it's a case of stopping images being airbrushed at all, most companies would be coming up with new advertising photos. No model, however gorgeous, is completely perfect. They all have bad days and heaven forbid, the occasional spot! How often do you see that in pictures? And would you like to? Probably not.

I know I'm guilty of photoshopping myself in night out pictures..... no one wants the world to see you have a spot afterall! And will I stop doing it?......... never!

E x

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