Tuesday, 31 May 2011

In The Noughties

Okay so when you think of a decade you think of a certain music style, right? The 60's have the Beatles, the 70's have Queen, the 80's have Duran Duran and the 90's have Oasis.

So what did my era have in the noughties? Britney Spears? No thank you. I'll take something a little more.... tuneful.

I was back at my parents house last week and found myself delving back into my CD collection from high school. Amongst the mass of mix CDs exchanged between friends were some amazing classic albums. From Bowie to Led Zeppelin, it was all there. It let me rediscover The Killers. A few years ago I wouldn't have touched that album after far too much overplaying of  every song on the radio. Wolfmother were there too! I'd forgotten they even existed. Don't get me wrong, there were some horrors in there too. (coughMudvaynecough)

 It was during this rummage I stated thinking... what did the noughties actually give us? As it turns out.. rather a lot! The noughties gave us an influx of indie bands. You'll never find me  complaining at skinny jeans and ragged indie boys though! In fact, not only did it bring us Indie but also some whole new genres to love. Think of Mumford and Sons, Noah and the Whale, Bon Iver, Laura Marling. All beautiful song makers for whom a whole new genre has to be created. That kind of folk rock scene is huge right now. And rightly so.

Why don't you go and find an old playlist, mix tape or just have a rummage right to the bottom of your CD stack. You may find something amazing you forgot you even had!

Or like me, you might find this! E x

Monday, 30 May 2011

Things I like...

Everyone knows I love a jumpsuit. So it'll come as no surprise that I want one of these to call my own!

By Alessandra Rich and available at Net A Porter .

If the fashion gods were ever to gift me such a jumpsuit, I'd team it with my gorgeous new Aldo block heels and my fave skinny vintage belt.

Enough of frivolous fashion talk... today I have been listening to the new album by Noah and the Whale. Now I know I'm a little behind the times and this has been out a while now but my ears have been stuck back with my 16 year old self. Sometimes you just have to revisit the songs that got you through high school.

Anyways, what an album it is. It's the kind of music that gives you a little knot in your stomach when you think of all the things you'd like to be doing. A definate car album for days you just need a little lift.

E x

Behind The Times

Well I have officially been behind the times and have only just got around to joining Twitter. I think I might be a little addicted already. You can follow me @EveConroy

Eve x

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Diet Coke just got even better.

It's no secret that Karl Lagerfeld loves Diet Coke. As do I. It gets me through days at work. Water just wont do you know? 

 Now he's designed a range of Limited Edition Diet Coke bottles. And arn't they just gorgeous!

That's the new summer fashion accessory right there.

E x