Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Kooples

Who doesn't love French style? When it comes down to it, Paris really is the fashion capital. I've had many a daydream at the thought of living there, drinking coffee all day and partying with models by night. It's this young, edgy brand that has got me wishing for a new wardrobe. Started by three French brothers Alexander, Laurent and Raphael, the brand reached British shores last year with the opening of Kooples stores around London.

 Everything about the brand oozes Parisian chic. The blazers are sharp, the trousers well tailored. And that's just for women. Their upsettingly gorgeous ad campaigns feature real life couples who I'm not sure should be allowed to be together on account of it making the rest of us feel bad. On the up side, they have a sale on!

Blazer, was £260, now £130.

Suit Trousers, were £150, now £72.50

Vest, was £135, now £67.50

Their upcoming collection collaboration with Pete Docherty is available from October 2011, and is sure to send Britains pretty young things into a spin.

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